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protect children from developing diabetes early

read Protecting children from the developing diabetes early

Type 1 diabetes affects children from an early age, but can researchers prevent this and protect these children?

Researchers have revealed in a new study from the University of Oxford, America, that they may be able to develop a mechanism that enables them to protect children from developing type 1 diabetes in their lives.

The researchers pointed out that the idea of ​​this lies in training the immune system of children by giving them insulin in the form of powder, which provides long-term protection for them.

Develop a mechanism to protect children from developing diabetes early

Insulin is the hormone that controls blood sugar, and its deficiency causes diabetes .

Researchers believe that giving insulin powder to children from the age of six months up to three years may help them protect against diabetes early.

Participants will have to visit researchers frequently to confirm the progress of the experiment, knowing that only half of the participants will use insulin powder.

It is worth noting that approximately one in every 100 children has genes that increase the risk of developing type 1 diabetes early, and it can be tracked through a simple blood test.

The researchers hope that insulin powder will help the immune system carry the insulin in the body in order to prevent the disease, and it should be noted that there is still no way to help prevent diabetes.

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