People with coronavirus caused by Kawasaki disease

The United States discovered a number of children infected with Corona new infections and have strange signs similar to those associated with Kawasaki.

The same injuries were also observed in New York City and some other US states!

The World Health Organization (WHO), in turn, indicated that there are a number of children infected with the emerging coronavirus who have been infected with intensive care.

However, the organization pointed to the lack of clarity of the relationship between the infection of children with the emerging coronavirus and the development of symptoms of Kawasaki disease, and about whether it is only the regions that recorded the infection.

What is Kawasaki disease?

Kawasaki disease is an inflammatory disease that causes vasculitis in the body or swelling, and usually affects children under five years of age, without a clear cause of the disease.

As for the symptoms of the disease, they include the following:

A very high temperature that lasts for at least four days
Red eyes, lips, and tongue
Swelling and redness of hands and feet
Swelling in the neck.
In rare cases, the infection may develop into Kawasaki Disease Shock Syndrome, which is associated with acute infections that cause severe illness in children.

Besides, doctors have noticed that some patients have other syndrome cases called Pediatric inflammatory multisystem syndrome- PIMS, which are similar to Kawasaki disease, but they affect older children.

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