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Here is a new diet that may cure diabetes!

Type 1 and type 2 diabetes may be chronic diseases and difficult to cure, but does this new diet offer a radical solution ?! Read the news to find out.
A study conducted by researchers at Yale University in the United States of America, and published in the journal Cell Metabolism, showed that reducing the amount of calories in the diet may help to reverse type 2 You Should Pay Attention to Few Diabetes Symptoms!

After promising results for 40% of the patients included in the study, the researchers began experimenting with mice to find out what is happening inside the body specifically and how the reduction in calories consumed may affect diabetes.

The researchers conducted the study on a group of mice that had shown symptoms similar to type 2 diabetesin humans, and they had conditions that usually accompany a type 2 diabetes patient, including: liver fat, obesity, and hyperinsulinism.

The mice were subjected to a low-calorie diet that lasted for 3 days only. During this period, the researchers used a set of techniques that they invented to measure and monitor a set of internal metabolic changes that cause the liver to produce excess glucose.

The study revealed that subjecting mice to a low-calorie diet had the following effect:

Reducing the rate and frequency of lactate and amino acids conversion into glucose.
Reducing the rate and frequency of hepatic glycogen conversion into glucose.
Reducing liver fat content, making the liver more responsive and sensitive to insulin.
These things all contributed to a significant reduction in blood sugar levels and returning it to normal levels, noting that these results were based on 3 days of study only, in which no significant apparent weight loss was observed.

Scientists have started intensive research recently on type 2 diabetes, which many of them consider a surgical disease, or in other words, a curable disease if the person undergoes appropriate surgical and treatment procedures.

A new diet may cure diabetes!

A study conducted by researchers in early 2017 showed that it is possible to reverse type 2 diabetes through weight loss only, and the results of this study were published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ).