Types of Arthritis & Related Rheumatic Conditions

Types of Arthritis Osteoarthritis 

Osteoarthritis creates from the eroding of the joint ligament. It is degenerative in nature and the significant harm brought about by over the top strain on the joints and its flanking tissues is described by: 

. torment 

. irritation 

. expanding 

. trouble of development 

In its beginning periods, osteoarthritis is once in a while symptomatic and generally non-fiery. It grows gradually and is hard to distinguish because it influences just a base number of joints. As a rule, osteoarthritis strikes the: 

. hands 

. hips 

. knees 

. spine 

Propelling age expands the danger of procuring osteoarthritis. Injury to the joints, corpulence and tedious joint use involve the other hazard components of the ailment. 

Types of Arthritis Rheumatoid Arthritis 

Rheumatoid arthritis happens when the synovium, the cell lining inside the joint, is erroneously harmed by the body's' own resistant framework. This sort of arthritis is a constant immune system disorder which is possibly handicapping. It is regularly set apart by: 

. joint agony 

. joint inadequacy 

. expanding 

. solidness 

Rheumatoid arthritis is hard to nail down at its beginning because of the insignificant number of indications. The reasons for this sort of arthritis are as yet obscure, yet doctors are highlighting heredity as one of its central causes. 

Types of Arthritis Adolescent Arthritis 

Youngsters can likewise be burdened by a sort of arthritis known as adolescent arthritis. It is the most widely recognized type of arthritis that plagues kids. The three significant sorts of adolescent arthritis are: 

pauciarticular (influencing just a base number of joints) 

polyarticular (including more than a few joints) 

precise (affecting the entire body) 

Pointers of adolescent rheumatoid arthritis are distinctive for every kid, and an assortment of tests is expected to decide the fitting analysis. Youngsters experiencing adolescent arthritis need to learn the nearness of the malady for longer than a month before it very well may be effectively distinguished. 

Psoriatic Arthritis 

Five percent of individuals with psoriasis (a constant skin issue) are influenced by psoriatic arthritis. Like rheumatoid arthritis, the joints, and at times the spine, are exposed to irritation. 


Even though this issue doesn't include joint deformation, this delicate tissue and strong ailment prompts muscle, tendon and ligament torment, and is shown by: 

Types of Arthritis constant tiredness 

. sub-par rest 

. muscle irritation 

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. Gout 

Another excruciating sort of arthritis is Gout. This type of infection is described by sudden eruptions of extraordinary agony, irritation, warmth, and blushing of the influenced zones, and joint growing, especially in the enormous toe. Gout is accepted to be the consequence of overabundance uric corrosive precious stones that are filtered out of the blood and settle inside the joint. 

Types of Arthritis Pseudogout/CPPD 

Calcium phosphate precious stones which structure in the joints can cause Calcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Deposition Disease (CPPD), or Pseudogout. The manifestations of Pseudogout are fundamentally the same as Gout, and accordingly, it is frequently misdiagnosed as gouty arthritis. The executives and treatment of CPPD are extraordinary, too. 

Types of Arthritis Scleroderma 

Solidifying and thickening of the encompassing skin portrays Scleroderma, a confusion influencing the connective tissues of the body. Two kinds of this infection, both the restricted and summed up structures, additionally weaken different pieces of the body like the: 

. veins 

. joints 

. inward organs 

Lupus/Systemic Lupus Erythematosus 

Another immune system illness, Systemic lupus erythematosus causes frailty, arthritis, constant tiredness, fever, balding, kidney difficulties, mouth ulcers and skin ejections. About 90 percent of sufferers are ladies, especially those of childbearing age. Be that as it may, kids and more seasoned grown-ups can likewise get the malady. Lupus influences the: 

. veins 

. heart 

. joints 

. kidneys 

. sensory system 

. inner organs 

. encompassing skin 

. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpal passage disorder starts with shivering and deadness in the fingers brought about by weight on the wrist's middle nerve. This condition can set in gradually or with surprising unexpectedness. While it is not at all like different sorts of arthritis, it now and then connected to different types of ailment, like rheumatoid arthritis. 

Ankylosing Spondylitis 

This incessant fiery state of the spine can cause a combination of the vertebrae, bringing about the inflexibility of the spinal segment. The illness begins by sinking into the tissue encompassing the joint, causing waiting firmness and agony in the lower back. 

Clinical science still can't seem to find the specific reason for this malady, which influences different joints notwithstanding the spine. It has been noted, be that as it may, those spondylitis sufferers all have HLA-B27, a hereditary marker separating individuals who have the most elevated danger of procuring the turmoil. Men matured between 16 to 35 are the ones generally influenced, even though the sickness can likewise strike ladies. 


These sorts of arthritis are perceived by their mostly provocative manifestations. Bursitis is described by aggravated bursa sacs, liquid-filled sacs that help muscles and ligaments move easily over the bones. Tendonitis or tendinitis is an aggravation of the ligaments, connective versatile tissue found between the bones and muscles. The ligament sheath is likewise defenseless to aggravation, prompting a turmoil known as tenosynovitis. In all cases, the irritation brings about firm and difficult development. 

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Irresistible Arthritis 

Microorganisms, infection and growths are the guilty parties associated with Infectious arthritis. To analyze this sort of arthritis, refined a tissue test from the tainted joint decides the presence of these microorganisms. Irresistible arthritis comes in a few structures, in particular: 

Septic arthritis brought about by a bacterial intrusion. 

Tuberculous arthritis is basic in tuberculosis sufferers. 

Contagious arthritis coming from parasitic contamination. 

Gonococcal arthritis happening with those contaminated with gonorrhea. 

Viral arthritis coming about because of viral contaminations. 

Types of Arthritis Lyme Disease 

Lyme ailment is frequently brought about by the chomp of a tainted deer tick. This issue normally targets: 

. eyes 

. heart 

. joints 

. sensory system 

. skin 
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Types of Arthritis Receptive Arthritis 

Otherwise called Reiter's disorder, Reactive arthritis causes irritation of the joints, especially in the regions of tendon and ligament association. Sufferers of this kind of arthritis experience different diseases like: 

. cervicitis 

. conjunctivitis 

. cystitis 

. skin injuries 

. prostatitis 

. urethritis 

. Sjogren's Syndrome 

Sjorgren's Syndrome causes inconsistency in the elements of the dampness delivering organs of the body, bringing about dryness in the salivary and lacrimal (tear-creating) organs. This issue is likewise portrayed by other physical markers. 


This degenerative bone malady prompts frail, weak bones and loss of bone tissue, expanding the danger of breaks and cracks. It is a preventive non-symptomatic turmoil crawls up gradually and gets evident in cutting edge age, especially in ladies. 

Different Forms of Rheumatic Diseases 

Avascular Necrosis - also recognized by the medical term, osteonecrosis
Behcet's Disease - characterized by chronic inflammation.
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome - CRPS, or reflex sympathetic dystrophy.
Diffuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis - causes calcification in the spinal disks.
Inflammatory Bowel Disease - commonly accompanied by complications of arthritis and osteoporosis.

Mixed Connective Tissue Diseases - a combination of several rheumatic diseases.
Polymyalgia Rheumatica - caused by giant cell arteritis.
Raynaud's Phenomenon - primarily affects the blood vessels, causing them to constrict.
Vasculitides - a disease characterized by inflamed blood vessels.
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